(video) Sentimental sessions: Lucas Schreel live

Een van de beste muzieklabels van ons land – Sentimental Records – vroeg of het mogelijk was om een livesessie op ons dak op te nemen met jazzgitarist Lucas Schreel. Dankzij technische ondersteuning van Het Lab werd het mogelijk gemaakt. De late zomerzon was er graag bij.

A personal message from Lucas

“I decided to focus on my instrumental songs during live shows. These songs offer freedom and room for improvisation, what, to me, are key elements when performing live. For this session, I wanted to create completely different versions of the songs compared to the ones on the album. Therefore, I invited jazz pianist/ keyboard wizard Jozef Dumoulin and, of course, my ‘compagnon de route’ Casper Van De Velde. When I heard we were shooting the session on the roof of Entrepot – with a view on the harbor docks in the background – I linked this industrial environment to the Twin Peaks series (hence the sexy, slightly corny synthesizer and my hip Levi’s jeans). Still, sitting on this roof, on top of the world, doesn’t mean the music needed to become pompous or dramatic. And then Casper brought this brilliantly cute drum set-up, so the tone for the session was set.”

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